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Cure of lungs, ear, nose, throat and skin.

The use of Tabiano Spa water began in the 19th century, even though the therapeutic properties of the waters had been discovered as far back as the 17th century by the local inhabitants who used them to cure skin and parasitic illnesses.
Chemical analysis of the water, as well as experimentation, have helped determine their exact scientific properties. The level of sulphur in the Tabiano waters is one of the highest in the world. Tabiano sulphurous water also contain a high level of other elements such as calcium, iron and magnesium which help obtain exceptional results, particularly in children, and in treatment of various complaints. These range from the respiratory airways, nose, ear and throat illnesses, skin diseases and burns to metabolic disorders.

The Spa waters can also help in the treatment of various forms of chronic asthmatic or allergic broncopneumopathy, pulmonary enphisema, recurring tracheobronchitis and can help reduce symptoms and slow down the progress of the disease. Spa treatments can also prove extremely efficient in the prevention and therapy of seasonal illnesses of a climatic or allergic nature: colds, bronchitis, spring oculorinitis, allergic or vasomotorial rhinitis and rhinogenous deafness.

The sulphurous waters can be beneficial in the treatment of various dermatological conditions: teenage acne all forms of eczema, psoriasis, rosaceous acne and all forms of allergic dermatitis. The use of mineral water, which aids the tissue reconstruction, has also proved particularly effective in the treatment of skin lesions such as burns.

Spa treatment helps recover metabolic balance and therefore efficient in cases of diabetes, gout and obesity. The waters also help eliminate intoxication caused by the presence of heavy metals in the blood. It is clear to see that a lot of condition can be treated with Tabiano spa waters.

The various spa treatments include:

  • Inhalant crenotherapy,
  • jet inhalation,
  • aerosol humage,
  • gas inhalation,
  • ultrasonic nebulization,
  • facial mud.

All treatments are carried out under the supervision of specialized medical staff, who assist you throughout the therapy, supported by diagnostical instrumentation (cardovascular, allergology, radiology, clinical analysis departments) and by a large range of extra-spa treatments: lung ventilation, respiratory physioterapy, logotherapy.


The precious mineral waters of the "Terme di Tabiano", the most sulphur rich in Europe, are recommended for the cure of lungs, ear, nose, throat and skin.

Treatments are possible throughout the year at the Spa, in a pleasant atmosphere with the assistance of highly qualified medical and paramedical staff.
The following specialized centres are available at the "Terme di Tabiano" for the diagnosis and treatment of various pathologies:


The "Terme di Tabiano" also has a modern Aesthetic Medicine and Dermocosmetology Centre where it is possible to receive customized treatments for the face and body, and to get quickly back into psycho-physical shape.
At the Spa Reception Centre you will be shown the numerous opportunities for making your period of treatment into a pleasant holiday.